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Topic: Cool Beanz Saturday Night Open Mic

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Bob Krummenacker
Cool Beanz Saturday Night Open Mic

Cool Beanz Saturday Night Self-Invitational Open Mic

Every Saturday Night

Signup: 7:30   Start: 8:00   End: Who knows?


Bob Krummenacker running the sound to perfection;

Pedro Pereira doing MC duties and welcoming performers;

Tony Tedeschi helping to keep us all organized


We hope to establish a respectful atmosphere for the singer-musician and audience.

 All styles of music are welcome (OK, nothing profane)


What is a Self-Invitational Open Mic?

The amount each performer gets is allocated based on how many people sign up. If six performers show up, each gets one half-hour including setup time. Keeping that in mind, you might want to avoid taking 25 minutes to set up because that will leave you five to actually perform!

Time allocation will be strictly enforced, but as respectfully to the musician as possible. Work with us, and we will work with you.

Over time, as the open mic becomes more popular (one would hope), the time allocation will become progressive. Those signing up earlier will be allocated more time, those signing up later will get less.


The allocation of time will be done at 8 o'clock sharp at the end of sign-up.

Show up before 8 and get your name on the list, or e-mail us or call us in advance (If youíre going to e-mail, you might want to do so before, say, 5 p.m. the day of the open mic.)


Best places for Email Sign-up are:

http://www.myspace.com/coolbeanzsaturday - Send a message



If you sign up in advance and donít show up, you might as well bring flowers and ask nicely to get on the list next time you show your face. (Bob likes shrubberies. Nice looking ones that are not too expensive)


Please bear in mind the reasoning for all of this. We are trying to provide a high-quality show for the patrons of Cool Beanz where they can go to see a showcase of quality performers on a weekly basis. Pat and Jen of Cool Beanz have been gracious enough to provide us with this weekly time and we wish to reciprocate with the best show we can provide.


Look for updates on the Open Mic at our web site: http://www.myspace.com/coolbeanzsaturday

Cool Beanz is located at

556 N Country Rd, St James, NY

(631) 862-4111



Google Map



Bob Krummenacker Ė bobk@bobkmusic.com

Pedro Pereira - pedropereira@verizon.net

Tony Tedeschi - ntbooks@sprintmail.com


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